Boosting happiness levels through design

Our aim is to transform bland, uninspiring offices to comfortable, functional, motivating environments.
People spend a large percentage of their lives in the workspace. We love designing offices especially for that fact - we can have a big impact on a lot of people, with each space we transform. 
We've seen the effects our work has on teams... Employees become proud of the companies they work for, there is more collaboration and team spirit, and ultimately the people are happier and more productive. Seeing this makes our work truly satisfying. 



Alexis Bainger
Creative Director

Alexis puts the Bainger (and danger) in Baingerous-Spaces. Hailing from rural South Australia (in approximately the middle of nowhere), she was up-cycling and building stuff in her Dad's tin shed, since about the age of four. 
Having studied Visual Communication in Australia and Spain, she freelanced as a Graphic Designer around Europe for a multitude of years. Through working in various co-working studios, client offices, cafes and apartments she became increasingly aware and interested in how different environments and situations effected her productivity.
Her interest in psychology and motivation eventually lead her into a role as Happiness Officer, where she concentrated on work processes, company culture, as well as the office design, in order to make a more productive team. 
Now, combining all her acquired knowledge and experience as a Designer and a Happiness officer, she's found her sweet spot - designing awesome office spaces. 



Michael Kraftzyk
Head of Production

Born in the east of Germany before the wall came down, Micha grew up in a world of life hacks, improvisation and up-cycling. He spent many years restoring the family farmhouse with his father, which built the foundation of his mechanical and handwork skills. It was also there that his interest in design sparked. He spent a lot of time rearranging his room - in that farmhouse and in each new apartment he lived, but never really considered it as a career option. Until, after several years of sitting behind a desk to study or work, he eventually realised he might be more suited to building desks than sitting at one. 

Alexis noticed his skills and potential and recruited him to join her in transforming office spaces. Since then he's helped realise a range of different projects - corporate and residential, indoor and outdoor. 
Alexis and Micha make a good team - combining their different skill-sets and knowledge they manage to come up with some pretty clever and unique solutions.


Rute Guedes Malka
Styling & Operations

Originally from Portugal, Rute is a Stylist, Visual Merchandiser and DJ. 
In the past 10 years her creative and organisational super powers have unleashed themselves through an array of mediums - from styling window displays, to developing concepts for product & fashion photography, to DJing, to event management, to marketing, to organising freelancers.

Rute loves to travel, and as Alexis does too, their paths co-incidentally crossed several times in different countries. They decided it must be fate that they become friends. After years of occasionally collaborating on projects (, events, photography etc.), they finally realised that they also make a great team, and it was time to combine forces on Baingerous Spaces.

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