From idea to installation, here's how it goes.

Our service isn't limited to making spaces look pretty, we also find ways to make the most out of a floor plan, creating a variety of spaces to accommodate different tasks as well as different personalities and needs. 
 We love to be resourceful - repurposing, hacking, building and customising things, to come up with creative solutions on a budget, which fit perfectly to the users needs. We aren't just a service to choose and order you new furniture - while we can do that too, we like to find ways to make each space unique, creative and personalised. 


First, coffee 

Let's meet, have a chat and get to know the space, and how a day in the life of it looks. Alexis, the Creative Director, will pick your brain to gather all the required information.
We can then make an estimate for the project, based on the number of spaces and specific requirements. 


Initial ideas and layout plans

Before we start with the design and specifics, first we'll put together ideas and layouts to designate different spaces for different uses.
We'll also provide you with mood-boards and options for the look and feel. 
After getting your feedback, we can move onto designing. 

3D-floorplan+designed4 2016-11-26 13543500000.jpg

See your space coming to life with rendered images

We'll provide you with photo realistic renders of the spaces, with options for each, so you can get a solid idea of how the end product will look.
No need for your imagination! 
Then you can provide feedback and we'll revise until we've got a winner.



Budget, shopping lists and ordering

Once your designs have been finalised, we'll put together a budget of material and labour costs. We can take care of purchasing all the required materials, organising labourers and ordering furniture.   


Building & Intstallation

Now comes the fun part... Bringing the designs to life. 
Painting, constructing, mounting, arranging.
We work around your timetable, so you're work isn't interrupted.

...and ta-da! your new and improved space.